Why is the DMV so hard to deal with?

Many times title assistance is requested because the client has tried to work with their local Motor Vehicle Department and it has become complicated. It is not just you, most people have difficulty with DMV processes. The people at the DMV are good people, but are working with a system that is not the most ideal. The budgets that the agencies have to deal with are dwindling every year like most municipal balance sheets. Tax revenues are shrinking, and costs are going up, so government agencies have to do the best that they can with what they need to work with.

dmv1The result is challenging experiences for consumers using these agencies. Sometimes the agency is using technologies and systems beyond their intended lifespan. Sometimes it is because of high turnover and lack of training for representatives. Sometimes it is when the volume of transactions grows beyond the workforce and even the size of the building.

In a recent study of the California DMV, auditors found several challenges to great customer service.

• Assembler, the primary programming language used in DMV field office computer applications, was created around the 1950s and is less commonly used today. With a significant portion of the agency’s IT workers approaching retirement age, DMV faces a potential shortfall of workers with skills to program its computers.

• DMV’s classification system for its offices, which considers the size of the offices and the volume of transactions to allocate resources, was last approved in 1990.

The next available appointment in the three sampled offices was nearly three months away.

DMV employees mean well and try hard with the resources they have to work with. The growth of volume and budget constraints make it difficult to keep up with the demands for vehicle transactions.


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