Be careful when you do business online with the DMV

From The Roanoke Times, “Talbot, a college professor, has been registering cars in Virginia since 1982. Usually, she does it by mail. This year, she received a DMV postcard reminding her that her car’s registration would expire Oct. 31.

It suggested she renew online at That’s the correct website for the state agency.

Renewing online, the postcard advised, would save Talbot the $5 walk-in fee the DMV charges for transactions that could be performed by computer.But somehow, Talbot apparently wound up on a different website. And she didn’t realize it wasn’t the state agency’s.

As she worked through the online form, inputting information, including the last four digits of her title and vehicle identification numbers as well as her email address, Talbot came upon a notice that she would be charged a $15 fee for the online renewal.”

DIY Replacement Lost Car Title

We are frequently asked by consumers who are wanting to know how to obtain a duplicate or replacement car title. Fortunately many consumers are actually able to perform a level two title recovery themselves without paying any outside company. If you own the car and have a bill of sale, this video will discuss the necessary steps to obtain a title for your vehicle using a specific DMV process.