DIY Replacement Lost Car Title

We are frequently asked by consumers who are wanting to know how to obtain a duplicate or replacement car title. Fortunately many consumers are actually able to perform a level two title recovery themselves without paying any outside company. If you own the car and have a bill of sale, this video will discuss the necessary steps to obtain a title for your vehicle using a specific DMV process.

Former used car lot owners’ license suspended over failure to provide titles

From, “The state of Tennessee has taken action against the former owners of a used car lot in Knoxville. The license once held by Knoxville Auto Brokers has been revoked. Last week the state revoked their motor vehicle sales license on charges of failure to provide the titles to 24 vehicles.

Melissa Smith and her husband bought a 2007 Chevy Tahoe from Knoxville Auto Brokers in mid-April. Within two months, they were sent a final payment notice from their credit union. Smith said the car they had traded in, a Ford Fusion, was never paid off. However, the couple’s bill of sale stipulated Knoxville Auto Brokers would pay it.

“In the state of Tennessee there is a consumer protection act where all the consumers have to get their titles,” said Hensley.

The Hensleys never got those titles to their customers.”

Owner of car dealership accused of rolling back odometers arrested

From WFLA, “The owner of a Tampa car dealership faces 42 felony charges, accused of funneling cars through her company, then rolling back odometers and flipping the vehicles to unsuspecting buyers on Craig’s List.

Marin Vargas faces multiple charges of uttering a forged instrument, scheme to defraud and odometer fraud.

Investigators say Marin Vargas used her dealership, Tampa Preferred Motors, to buy high mileage cars at auctions and from other dealerships.

She would then, according to FHP, “solicit family members in Venezuela to provide her copies of their passports in order to use their information to title vehicles in their names.”

The dealership, investigators say, would then roll the odometers back to reflect a significantly lower mileage and then sell those cars to unsuspecting buyers on Craig’s List.”

Man arrested, accused of rolling back odometers

From KXAN, “A North Texas man has been arrested, accused of rolling back the odometers on hundreds of vehicles prior to selling them to customers. A spokesperson for the TxDMV says the affected vehicles may have been purchased in private sales as well as dealerships.

When an odometer is rolled back, customers may end up paying hundreds or thousands of dollars more for the vehicle than what it is worth.

Use the VIN to do a Title Check on the vehicle which shows the vehicle’s title history, including odometer information.”

Former used car dealer arrested for selling vehicles without providing titles

From, “A former Alabama used car dealer is facing up to 20 years in prison after allegedly selling a vehicle for which he didn’t have a clear title or the right to sell.

has been indicted on charges of first-degree theft, a Class B felony, and four counts of failure to deliver a title.

“Investigators became involved with this case after a number of victims stated that they had purchased vehicles from Mr. Blasingame and he was unable to provide title to the vehicles,” Holmes said.

Investigators learned Blasingame sold one vehicle that he didn’t have the right to sell, Holmes said. In other cases, Blasingame didn’t provide clear titles to his customers.”